Where Play Meets Workout


Your existing hobbies might be giving you more exercise than you think! Here are a few hobbies that aren’t about exercise, but offer a workout anyway.

Beginner—Birdwatching, for the dedicated hobbyist, generally involves a bit of walking. If walking is an exercise you want to pursue, but you’d like a purpose instead of walking circles, birdwatching might be the activity for you.

Intermediate—Gardening is a deceptively physical hobby. Although it’s sometimes thought of as calm (or even boring!), there can be a lot of bending, lifting, and squatting. Taking care of plants might be just the thing to make you break a sweat.

Advanced— For the real fitness enthusiasts who want something with a little more interest than lifting weights, we have to recommend sports. You have an incredible range to choose from—archery, bowling, roller derby, soccer, tennis, and so many more. Find a local group and get ready to play!