23 Healthy Places to Retire


For many people, retirement is a wonderful time to finally pursue hobbies and habits that have been overshadowed by career or family concerns. It may even become one of the healthiest times of your life!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in retirement can be easier when you live in an area that encourages and supports good health. The healthiness of a geographical area is determined by a variety of factors, including accessibility of medical care, availability of fresh food, and ease of staying active.

This list includes locales from north to south and coast and coast in the United States. Some cities are listed, but many listings are by county, which may include more rural possibilities. Many of these areas are home to stunning natural attractions such as coastlines, mountains, forests, and national parks.

In choosing a place to retire, you’ll want to take into account your individual health needs. Do you have intense allergic reactions to certain grasses or trees? Do you need regular access to medical specialists?

Your desired lifestyle is another important element. Although a healthy lifestyle can be lived in any location, certain hobbies are better suited for certain areas. For instance, if you’re an avid mountain biker, you may struggle to maintain that pursuit in Florida. Identifying a community that aligns with your interests will be an important factor in your retirement choices.

Beyond health concerns, you’ll want to look at additional factors like finances and distance from family. While the number of elements to consider can initially seem overwhelming, researching potential retirement spots can be a joyful anticipatory process. It may even include several surveying trips, so you have first-hand experiences to draw from in making a decision!



  • Douglas County
  • Broomfield


  • Falls Church
  • Loudoun County

South Carolina

  • Charleston
  • Beaufort County


  • Richland
  • San Juan County
  • Clallam County
  • Island County
  • Jefferson County


  • Cape Coral
  • Palm Beach
  • Sarasota
  • Indian River County
  • The Villages
  • Martin County

North Carolina

  • Durham-Chapel Hill
  • Transylvania County
  • Brunswick County
  • Henderson County


  • Josephine County
  • Curry County